Spotted Dead-Nettle

Spotted Dead Nettle

Lamium maculatum is called Spotted Dead-Nettle because of the spots on the lower lip of its flowers. But even the leaves are not just solid green. Depending on the habitat and the season, they can show a white stripe in the middle.

For the garden there are cultivars with white flowers or with silver leaves available.

Spotted dead nettle with striped leaves

In urban areas, Lamium maculatum is not as common as Lamium purpureum or Lamium album. The Spotted Dead-Nettle prefers moist habitats and does not tolerate dry soil. It can be found on embankments, in ditches, along shrub borders, roadsides and in meadows.

Spotted dead nettle by the wayside

The flowering period of Lamium maculatum can last from April to June. It grows perennially and spreads by short stolons. Its flowers are readily approached by bumblebees.

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